I paint and became curious about art history and practical arts after completing my studies in architecture and practising it professionally.

Thus all my paintings are structured in a spirit of construction and composition.

Painting and art history has always been with me and accompanied me in architecture, infographics and web design.

Artistic approach

My paintings are the result of moving colours and light. These are the tools that I use, once as twins, once mixed. The light strikes, cuts the shadows, defines the silhouettes; the colour allows me to explore limitless possibilities of composition, harmony and contrast.

I enjoy working on breaking points — a marked limit or an uncertain boundary, contrast of darkness and light, equilibrium and disequilibrium, symmetry and dissymmetry, and agitated and quiet, without upsetting the satisfaction of the eye, the harmony of the whole, and the balance between the parts.

As I play with multiple combinations in each painting, I create universes and suggest atmospheres inspired by my emotions and the body movements of the creative process.

I leave the vision and the imagination wander more or less between the real world and the imaginary.


Main personal exhibitions


Lavaur (Tarn) – galerie O cinq sens – « Rétrospective »


Toulouse – Vert caramel –


Paris – galerie Art Présent –

Toulouse – Folles saisons, café culturel –


Lisle-sur-Tarn – Office du tourisme – « Poésies »

Toulouse – Galerie Ambroise Paré – « Émotions »

Quarante(Hérault) – Domaine de Roueïre – « Madagascar »


Toulouse – Galerie Fonderie –

Toulouse – Tany gasy –

Toulouse – galerie Claudius Regaud –


Couffouleux (Tarn) – Salle Virginia – « Lumière et mouvement »

Rabastens (Tarn) – Musée de Rabastens- invitée d’honneur de la Palette


Main collective exhibitions


Toulouse – Centre St Jérome – « Sur nos traces »


Toulouse – Centre St Jérome – « Afriques sur Toiles »


Vendée – Château d’Apremont –

Le Gosier (Guadeloupe) – Galerie Cazanove –


Gourdon (Lot) – “Lumière, formes et mouvements”

Giroussens (Tarn) « Femmes passion 2000 »

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